The unique and comprehensive Access to Nursing Preparatory Pack is only 170 (including Postage and Packing) and represents good value for money and comprises of the following: following:                                                                      

  • Access to Nursing Preparatory Course *
  • Pre-Nursing Course *
  • Preparatory Care Skills Course *
  • Access to Nursing Info Pack (60 pages) includes a comprehensive list of colleges in the United Kingdom where Access to Nursing courses can be formally undertaken.
  • Nursing Application Procedure
  • Interview Management Techniques
  • Role of the Student Nurse
  • Code of Professional Conduct
  • The Common Foundation Programme
  • Nursing: A career for you - General Nursing
  • Nursing: A career for you - Mental Health Nursing
  • Nursing: A career for you - Learning Disability Nursing
  • Health Criteria for Initial Entry to Nursing
  • and much more!


* These courses can be purchased separately at 60 each including P&P. See application form. Please note that with the Access to Nursing Preparatory Course you also get the following: Access to Nursing Info Pack (60 pages) includes a comprehensive list of colleges in the United Kingdom where Access to Nursing courses can be formally undertaken, Nursing Application Procedure, Interview Management Techniques, Role of the Student Nurse, Code of Professional Conduct, The Common Foundation Programme, Nursing: A career for you - General Nursing, Nursing: A career for you - Mental Health Nursing, Nursing: A career for you - Learning Disability Nursing, Health Criteria for Initial Entry to Nursing, and much more!


This programme prepares prospective students wishing to undertake the Access to Nursing Course.


The course allows participants to build on or recall their numeracy and literacy skills. Gives opportunities to understand types of exercises in Test Papers.

Four major components consisting of:

Basic Arithmetic- NUMERACY MODULE
Calculations using fractions, Decimals and percentages, simple measurements and estimations.

Comprehension Skills-LITERACY MODULE
Exercises in English Comprehension - Simulated exercises to give confidence in completing comprehension passages and questions against a time schedule.

Exercises in the everyday use of English.
Sentence construction, word recognition and meaning.
Abstract Reasoning: This involves verbal reasoning questions.
Develop understanding of concept and skills to complete exercises in timed period.

It allows good exposure to nursing and forms evidence/portfolio gathering to facilitate interviews to nursing schools.

The programme is suitable for those wishing to study nursing in the UK but do not have the necessary academic requirements


Participants are expected to take the simulated exams.
On completion of the overall course, the participants will take the Access to Nursing course which is held formally at a college near you.


The programme will facilitate the participants ability in areas of Knowledge and learning while preparing them very quickly for the Access to Nursing Test.
On studying the Access to Nursing Preparatory Test you will be thoroughly prepared to undertake the Access to Nursing course at a college near you.


Session 1
Government Directives
Care Planning

Mental Health Reform
The Health and Safety at Work Act. - general introduction

Session 2
Health and Safety at Work - responsibilities and application of the law
Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)
Infection and its' control
Recording of Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences (RIDDOR)
Ergonomics - Theory

Session 3
Equality, Diversity and Rights
Principles of Good Practice


Session 4:
Abuse and Aggression
Communicating with the Elderly confused

Within this programme, we also offer a preparatory course for Basic Skills Test. The course enables participants to build on or recall their literacy and numeracy skills in preparation for the test.

All four components of the test are covered:

  • Verbal reasoning
  • Basic arithmetic
  • Non-verbal reasoning
  • Comprehension skills.


Our Home-Study Access to Nursing Preparatory  Correspondence Course comes in the form of a 110-page interactive workbook with assignments and tests.

As you are aware you can apply for nurse training in the UK if you pass the formal Access to Nursing course as no GCSEs are required. 

Complete the Access to Nursing Preparatory  Correspondence Course and you will sail through the multiple choice questions on which the test is based.  

Give yourself the advantage of private coaching and you will have a far better chance of success - five times better than the average unprepared candidate. 

The prepared candidate enters the examination room with real confidence knowing that he/she has been trained to answer quickly with an "examination technique" that gives him/her a head start to candidates who have left things to chance.  The Home-Study Access to Nursing Correspondence Course is designed for people
for all walks of life - from practising nurses to young and mature people.  After all, you would want to pass the very first time as your future depends on it.

The following components are included in the Access to Nursing Preparatory  Correspondence Course:

  • Basic Maths, English and IQ test in the interactive course workbook.
  • Tutor assignments with model answers providing practice.
  • Mock test paper for marking/assessment.
  • Written by experts in the Home-Study learning method.
  • 12 hours study in armchair comfort. 


The PRE-NURSING COURSE is aimed at people who want to start the Nursing Diploma Course (Project 2000) but have not perhaps studied for several years.


It can be taken as a refresher course by candidates with 5 GCSEs or those who have passed the Access to Nursing course or about to take the Access to Nursing course.


It is a natural follow-on from the Access to Nursing Course and may count as evidence of recent study.

The course gives a real insight into the essential study skills covered in nurse training.

The course is a home-study package, with all the advantages such systems allow, i.e. flexibility of study, no travelling involved, you work at your own pace.

The course is divided into three self-contained A4 workbooks:


Aspects of essay writing and the various types of writing (creative, informative, essay, etc..).


This section is very important because nurse training involves a lot of essay writing.


The Maths section covers basic number skills and includes the key topic of metric units (SI units) and simple drug dosage calculations.


Thee topics are studied early on in nurse training.


Our course aims to develop your thought stimulation and act as a springboard for further studies.


You will learn that health and social welfare go hand in hand.


The psychology module covers personality types and what can happen when things go wrong (abnormal psychology).


Physiology (human biology) and related anatomy (structures of the body) are covered in this section.


It provides a firm basis for further studies as appropriate to nursing.

The communication module highlights that effective communication between the nurse and patient/client is an integral and essential part of modern nursing.

Each workbook contains in-text questions, with answers, to check your knowledge and understanding as you progress through the course.

The course requires about 20-40 hours of study, however, you can take as long as you wish.


The Home-Study Preparatory Care Skills Course is intended for people who wish to learn more about care work in hospitals, clinics and nursing homes.

It covers the patients physical comfort, mobility, continence, nutrition and personal hygiene, with special reference to elderly care.

Ideal for new or prospective Nursing students.
Recommended with the Home-Study Pre-Nursing Course.
Will enhance interview skills.
Will give you an in-depth knowledge of what to expect during training.
Will prepare you for the training of your choice.
Psychologically prepares you for your Nursing interview and Nursing/Midwifery training.
Puts you ahead of your peer group as you know what to expect when you attend the formal interview and when you start your training.
Deals with many important topics such as Care Plans, Caring for People etc…
A must if you are seriously contemplating Nursing as Career!
  and much more...

70 A4 page

Please note that all courses are for self-assessment only.

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